How to Choose the Right Water Softener for Your Home: Factors to Consider

Right Water Softener

As not all water on our globe is the same, it cannot be used for all purposes without first being processed. There are two sorts of water: soft water, which is obtained from rainwater. This water is good for home purposes. However, Hard water contains calcium and magnesium salts. Hard water does not lather with soap but rather produces a precipitate. To process this hard water to make it soft and useful, choosing the right water softener for your house is crucial to ensure the longevity of your appliances, maintain the quality of your water supply, and protect your home’s plumbing. When selecting a water softener for your house, there are numerous important elements to consider when you compare the various brands and types that are available in the market.

These key considerations include the hardness level of your home’s water, the size and total water use of your household, your budget, and the technical performance of specific water softening systems. By considering the factors below, we will help you choose the best water softener for your house.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing Water Softener

1. Determine the hardness of your water: Hard water is high in mineral content. It includes magnesium and calcium carbonates and does not lather with soap, making it unsuitable for various purposes at home. There are two forms of hard water: temporary and permanent.  Before purchasing a water softener for your home, you need to know the hardness of your water source. You can obtain this information from your local water source. Knowing the hardness level will allow you to select a water softener with the right capacity.

If you need a water softener that works well at home, Aquaguard Select AWS C-2500 Water Softener is a complete package as it uses innovative ion-exchange technology to soften water with hardness levels of up to 1850 ppm. It is a fully automated regeneration device that starts working once set. With the LCD Display Panel, the current settings make it easy to read. The auto-setting lock ensures that if the softener’s control is lost, internal memory will maintain its previous setting.

2. Size of the water softener: The size of the water softener is determined by the amount of water used in your household and the hardness of your water source. To get the required size, multiply the number of people in your household by the typical daily water consumption (80-100 gallons per person), then multiply by the hardness of your water.

If you want a softener for multi-story buildings – Aquaguard Select AWS C-3500 DX Water Softener is a completely automatic water softening machine for multi-story buildings that uses innovative ion-exchange technology to soften water with hardness levels of up to 2050 ppm. You can remove hard water, which can cause hair loss, dry itchy skin, and stains on sinks, bathroom fixtures, and appliances. It is an excellent choice when selecting a water softener for a building.

3. Regeneration Methods: Water softeners use various processes to replenish and recharge the resin beads that catch hardness minerals. Check which system is most suited to your needs. The manual regeneration methods can be time-consuming and tiring. It is better to go for products that integrate the regeneration process easily and provide safe and clean water. The Aquaguard Select products like Aquaguard Select AWS C-3500 DX Water Softener and  Aquaguard Select AWS C-2500 Water Softener are perfect solutions for this.

4. Choosing Softener Salt: Salt levels should be monitored frequently since salt is used in the regeneration process of most water softeners, and enough salt levels are essential for optimal system operation. Aquaguard Water Softener Regeneration Media (Salt) contains non-iodized sodium chloride at 99.4% purity, making it suitable for use.

There is a large selection of water softeners to choose from, and you are sure to discover the ideal solution for your household. To cut down your search, you only need some basic understanding of how to choose a water softener. Choose water softeners by Aquaguard. Select and treat hard water to remove excess minerals and make it more suitable for usage.

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