The presentation and decor of your working environment offer many advantages for the reception and comfort of customers. You may not know it, but rugs impart a unique atmosphere to your rooms.

There are different ways to customize your rugs to make them look better and change them to your liking. Discover the best ways to customize your business mats.

Carpets are essential decorative elements, especially for your company’s reception room. Can be installed in any room, it brings warmth and adapts greatly to your decor. In addition, carpets today offer a major advantage because of their great possibilities for customization. Thus, on the carpets, you have the possibility of scratching your mark or of harmonizing it with your decor to give it more effect. Carpets for a company are of different types and can be modified as well. These are among others:


Classic rugs are rug designs that date back many years and continue to attract just as much interest. Whether it is oriental rugs, nomadic rugs or classic French rugs, they all belong to this category. These carpets are of great beauty and useful for decoration.


Still called shaggy rugs or spaghetti rugs , these rugs have the main particularity of having a substantial thickness generally between 3 and 7 centimeters. As well as offering a special atmosphere with excellent assets for decoration, it has other very beneficial advantages. Indeed, it is very comfortable and warm. You can easily find this type of carpet in different colors. However, its maintenance remains complex. You would then do better to put it in a visible but not easily accessible place.


Natural carpets bring warmth and great authenticity to the rooms of your business. These rugs are available in a variety of bright and attractive colors. They are also very environmentally friendly and easy to maintain. Their solidity is also one of their main strengths. These rugs come in natural fibers and often consist of bamboo, sisal and seagrass.


Doormats are carpets of relatively small dimensions placed at the entrance to different rooms. They are very effective for the main aspect of a room. Likewise, they communicate a certain warmth and friendliness to visitors when appropriate. You can insert text, an image or a specific pattern on a doormat.


The carpets over time have undergone various modifications for their composition or their presentation. Contemporary carpets then offer tools in bright colors with a modern and contemporary design. We find today sublime models as beautiful as each other. Contemporary rugs fit into any room in your business.


If carpets are excellent tools for your interiors, being interested in how they are made is just as important. Indeed, there are two main ways to make a carpet. These two means generally both consist of passing the wool from several bobbins through a large loom . On the one hand, you can make a rug by hand . This realization following specific steps has been perpetuated since its genesis and allows to have mind-blowing products. However, this embodiment requires great concentration and may take several months.

On the other hand, some rugs are machine-knotted which weaves much faster following a specific pattern. The mechanical weaving mode offers several advantages, particularly relating to time constraints and precision. These machines design the carpets according to a specific pattern and in precise sizes. They offer great flexibility . The number of colors used by the machines for the design of carpets is however limited to 8 or 10. The carpets designed using the machine are then embellished with fringes placed on the sides. The fringe, on the other hand, is part of the weft for hand-knotted rugs.

The carpets are of a great diversity by their many models and various forms. They also have generally quite diverse compositions. The different carpets have a composition made of materials with specific properties. Thus the main materials often used for the realization of carpets are:


Carpets are objects of great beauty and useful for decoration. You find in the presence of several models of these tools allows you to enjoy a very beautiful view. Despite the great beauty and effectiveness of mats, to enjoy the best assets for your business presentation, you may need a lot more. So, customizing and having rugs in her company’s reception room or any other office increases her beauty and gives her more credit during partner visits.

First of all, the color of the carpets you choose can provide a great benefit for the affirmation of the structure. Indeed, in this case, you only have to choose carpet colors that match the color of the company. Sometimes it is more effective to opt for more originality with the writing of personalized messages on the mats.


The color of a rug is one of the main determinants of its impact or sometimes its beauty. It is therefore essential to consider to have a carpet. When choosing a rug for a room in your business,

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