Entrance mat with your logo

Entrance mat

What is a logo mat?

A logo mat is a mat that can be personalized with your company name, logo, image or written message. You have many possibilities to personalize your logo mat. In addition, you have the choice between several materials depending on the use you plan for your mat. The logo mat is an effective advertising tool to place at the entrance to your shop or store. It will show what you want while preserving the floordust, humidity and dirt. This way, you can welcome your customers to your estazazablishment in a clean space that will not be damp when it rains or snows. The absorption rate of our mats is very high, so it protects the entrance to the store.

To sum up, the logo mat is a customizable mat that will allow your shop to stay clean while being an advertising tool.

Why work with us?

Choosing to work with us means choosing experience . Indeed, since 1993, we have been marketing entrance mats in Europe. During these years of experience, we have worked with more than 26,000 customers and laid more than 100,000 m² . Our speed in providing quality entrance mats is well established. We produce within one to three days different types of carpets according to customers’ choice. Therefore, the color, variant and structure of the carpet can be selected. For example, you can choose a plain black rubber mat or an aluminum mat.

At Invecs, we have a mission. It is that of accompanying you throughout your project by offering you complete and personalized solutions for the floor of your entrance. We are convinced that having a high quality, efficient and stylish entrance mat will allow you to make the best possible first impression when your customers enter your business.

With our vast experience, we are used to handling large floor mat projects and we know that undertaking such a project can be tricky. This is why we are there for you, listening to you , with the aim of jointly finding the solution best suited to your ambitions. It is with this in mind that if you have any doubts, we can come to your home equipped with a very powerful technological tool for taking measurements during special needs and for laying your carpets.

Our logo mats

We offer for sale more than 60 variants of carpets made by our experts. We thus have a number of mats to offer our customers, aluminum mats, cleanliness mats, industrial mats. But, let’s focus on the range of logo mats.

The operation to place an order is very simple, you choose the logo mat of your choice. Then you send us your logo. These steps allow us to create the prototype. Once the prototype is validated by the customer, we send you your personalized carpet.

Brand Logo Rug

The Logo Brand carpet has a very long lifespan and is considered one of the most resistant carpets on the market. In addition, it is made of eco-friendly materials, 100% of PET fibers are made from recycled content. This personalized and tailor-made carpet allows you to highlight the DNA of your company. The logo printing is of high quality. Your logo is digitally printed on the mat. If you do not want to put a logo on your carpet, it is possible. You can choose this rug in solid color. It is available in 66 colors. This indoor mat is washable and is very effective against dust as well as to fight against humidity by absorbing it under the soles of your customers.

Stylish Logo Mat

The Elegant Logo rug is a rug designed to be placed outdoors thanks to its plastic coating. This mat is very effective at trapping moisture located under the soles of your shop’s customers and is very welcoming. It is therefore a customizable and tailor-made mat that will highlight the brand of your company. You can also choose a solid color if you don’t want your logo on it. The fibers of this rug are 100% polyamide.

Photo Mat

The Photo Mat is a mat for use inside your business. This mat is ideal for use as a non- slip mat to showcase your business with the custom logo digitally printed on the mat. The photo mat is safe, durable and easy to maintain. The two-level surface of the mat will effectively scrape the sole of shoes to keep moisture there. You can choose this rug in a plain version, there are 56 different colors.

Rubber Logo Mat

On the Rubber Logo mat, we print your photographs on a thermoplastic material and molded in rubber. This mat is resistant to chemicals, greases and oils . Additionally, with its textured non-slip surface, this mat effectively removes dirt and moisture from under the soles of customers’ shoes. This rug is therefore customizable, but you can take it in a solid color if you prefer. We offer it in 80 different colours.

Aluminum Logo Mat

The aluminum mat is customizable and you can choose custom dimensions. It is very resistant and easily removes dirt and moisture from under the soles of shoes. You have the choice between a solid color and your company logo. This mat is designed for indoor use.

Carpet Brush Logo

For the Logo Brosse carpet, you have the choice between indoor or outdoor use. It is extremely effective against moisture and dirt . This carpet is also very aesthetic, you can implant an advertising text or your logo. Otherwise, you can take this product in plain colors, we have 16 colors to offer.

Logo rug

The logo mat is a range of made-to-measure and customizable mats. Of course, it can fulfill all the functions that are required of a carpet. That is, keeping the floor clean by absorbing moisture and dust from under the soles of customers’

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