Staying Sober: A Way of Life

A Way of Life

Addiction is notorious as it can kick you out of your sober lifestyle unless you hold on properly. The temptations arounds us are too many. Though it is suggested to avoid triggers, it is not always possible to. If one has some coworkers with whom they used to have drinks or drugs, it is not possible to avoid them unless they switch their job. One might need to walk the same places again feeling tempted. The temptations will always be there and so will be the urge to stay sober. It depends on the person how they much control they would have on themselves.

Hang on to the habits

People usually build some healthy habits while going through addiction treatment. Once being out of your withdrawal symptoms treatment center does not necessarily mean that your journey has completed. Being sober is a lifestyle that needs maintenance. The habits you have build must be carried on as they can keep you from the same company and places of addiction. It also helps to repair the physical and mental damaged caused by addiction in the long run.

Going back to the old friends is not possibly an option

People often make new friends as they go through treatment. Once the treatment is over, the urge to meet old friends might be there. But if the rekindled friendship is about to lure you into the dark lane, it is better to take a U-turn when you can. Relapse is very much real and can give you hard times again. Think for yourself and take the right decision.

Get treatment for co-occurring diseases if necessary

If your addiction went hand in hand with some mental or physical ailment, stay aware. In case you feel your mental agony is coming back, make sure to see your doctor. If this goes unchecked for long, it can again make you turn towards addictive substances for solution. There is no necessity to think that you can handle everything by yourself this time. While confidence is good, the price of overconfidence might not be what you would like to pay.

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